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*Knowledge Creators educate and empower their audience through smart, insightful content. 

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What's a knowledge creator?

Knowledge creators educate and empower their audiences through smart, insightful content. 

By publishing their expertise freely and accessibly, knowledge creators have ushered in a new era of the internet—allowing anyone to explore diverse topics, develop skills, advance their careers, gain perspectives, overcome challenges, and grow.

The needs and business opportunities for knowledge creators are unique—and we’ve built our platform to match that. 

What does platform mean?

The needs and business opportunities for knowledge creators are unique—and we’ve built our platform to match that. 

Our management service helps knowledge creators build a scalable, sustainable revenue strategy through brand partnerships. We take a thoughtful, quality > quantity approach to help creators build authentic brand relationships that align with their content and audience.

We also provide content services to help knowledge creators make more high-quality content across media, with a speciality in newsletters.

Who are you guys?

The founding team at Smooth is a ragtag bunch of misfits who...wait, that’s not it. We (Josh Kaplan, Jenny Rothenberg, and Kinsey Grant) were actually early employees at Morning Brew, who learned the ropes of modern media by building and scaling a newsletter company into a full-fledged multimedia juggernaut that notched a $75 million exit in 2020.

We started Smooth together in 2021 with the belief that our experience building a successful media business could be applied to this creator-first era of media we're now living in.

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Tell your brand's story through a multi-channel, creator-forward campaign—including components like YouTube integrations, brand ambassadorship, custom content, events, and social media activations.

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